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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Last week, while in town, something I don't do very often. My friend and I were at the local McD's eating some lunch. An employee walked past, my friend waved and said "hi" to him. It seems that my friend had talked to him before.

The next time he walked past our table, he looked at me and asked me if I was running for office. I assured him that I had no intentions of doing such a thing, that started a political conversation. This man, we will call him L turned out to be a democrat. My friend started describing a T-shirt that was given to me, on the front it says "Government is a parasite", on the back it has a big middle finger sticking up, that just about describes my feelings about government.

L started talking about how he wanted to vote on the up coming mid-terms, he believes that the government needs to spend even MORE money in order to bring up the economy, the sad part is he really believes this, he believes the government is responsible for taking care of us and giving us free health care. I tried to explain to him this logic, if you are in debt, and you have no money, you need to STOP SPENDING MORE! It makes no sense to keep spending and spending, tax and spend, and redistribution of wealth will harm this country and the people. Our leaders need to cut up the proverbial credit card and stop printing more worthless money.

I tried to explain to L how it is so much better to be independent, to be able to take care of yourself. I described how PB and I left everything to move to our off grid home, how we did everything ourselves, how we live independent from as much government interference as possible and how happy we are doing this. That's when L told me that he owns a small amount of acreage in a neighboring town, he is interested in doing the off grid thing, so it seems that we have some common ground, wanting to live off grid takes an independent soul, hopefully this is a step in the right direction for L. One step at a time, maybe I can help L understand how it is better to live free of the government "handouts", those handouts come with strings, those strings are very long and strong, strings are for puppets (marionettes), we need to get back to "we the people", it's time to wake up sheeple!


  1. you learn from comments even if you do not agree.TRY FREE SPEECH

  2. Hey Ted, I have no problem with free speech, even from impatient commentators... :)

    I do moderate all comments, mainly to keep out spammers. Do me a favor, give me more than 4 minutes to approve your comments before complaining about free speech, I typically get around to it the same day, it may be more than that though depending on my availability.


  3. Ted, I have to wonder, after reading your blog, if someone has hijacked your ID and is posting comments on other blogs? The comments left on this blog and my other blog are in stark contrast to what you have written on your blog. Just wondering...


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