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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tweak Obamacare says Reid

Reid Says Willing to 'Tweak' Obamacare
Wednesday, 03 Nov 2010 08:15 AM

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Wednesday said he is willing to make changes to the landmark healthcare reform legislation passed earlier this year.

"If there's some tweaking we need to do with the healthcare bill, I'm ready for some tweaking," Reid, a Democrat, said in an interview on CNN, after Republicans captured the U.S. House of Representatives in Tuesday's midterm elections.

Republicans strengthened their ranks in the Senate, but Democrats maintained a majority in that chamber.

If the term "tweak" means they will take out the "you are forced by law to join/pay", then I'm all for this. The sad thing is I would probably be interested in this, especially if it means a lower bill, right now I'm not covered by any sort of health care insurance, but by golly, don't tell me I HAVE to join under penalty of law!


  1. Gee, I wonder if Reid and any of his cronies have found the time to READ it yet?

  2. Wretha, I have been too busy to even log onto your blog! Getting for the voting was consuming a a lot of my time. I am an Election Judge for my Precinct and had to take another eSlate training class, and a law class.

    This was my first General Election as Election judge (I am or Precinct Chairman no one ran against me). I did not know exactly what kind of numbers to expect but I had six capable people helping me and an Alternate Election Judge (has to be member of the opposite party so I got a Democrat). She realized we were not "bad" people and just wanted everyone to be able to vote if they were legally qualified to do so. I encouraged everyone possible to vote early to avoid long lines.

    We opened the voting location at 7:00 AM and had a lot of people waiting to vote before they went to work. The line dwindled down some but we were never without someone voting and normally 2-3 in line. Would swell up to 10-15 occasionally. I was really concerned as 7:00 PM got closer. I did my duty and went outside and hollered to the world that that it was 5 minutes until the polls closed and if you want to vote you should get in line now. I went back inside and asked everyone if they heard me OK. Everyone laughed and said yes and if anyone came up a minute too late we would ask them if they were deaf!

    After doing the shut down and loading everything in my car, I invited the Alternate Election Judge to go down to the Reliant Center to see what happens next. I knew she didn't really want to do it but she agreed and asked her husband to drive her down and she would pick up her car later.

    We left for the Reliant about 8:30 PM. About 45 minute drive. Pulled in and LOTS of people helping to unload and move your election materials inside for checkin. Very efficient process! I did not wait for them. I was parked in a different area since I have handicap plates. When I was ready to leave the police officer stopped the other people and let me out first. Once I hit the freeway, I drove as fast as traffic would let met. 65 most of time but as we got further north traffic was moving at 80 and I went with the flow! I was EXTREMELY tired!! You know I am 71+ and have a bad back and hip (had back surgery and it got better now have to have hip replacement...later). I was on my feet walking from one end of the room to the other or was on phone trying to find out where a person needed to vote. The saddest part of the job was when I had to tell several young people they were not registered to vote. Encouraged them to go home and immediately log on and register to vote and come back in 2012 for the Primary elections and I would be looking for them.

    We did have some Democrats it was obvious (especially when the Democrat recognized some of them). But my Precinct is 73% predominately Republican and it was obvious the majority were voting straight ticket!

    We turned over every elected official in Harris County who was a democrat on the ballot! Including one of the Democrat Precinct Commissioners! Republican opponent unseated the Democrat! The only Democrats that were elected were those in HEAVILY Democrat areas.

    I hurt from the opt o f my head to the bottoms of my feet. My legs and ankles were so swollen. I took a pill and went to bed. Got up and went to work on Wednesday. Called my wife and told her to make an appointment for us to get a massage on Saturday. By Saturday I was feeling better (I thought) until the masseuse starting working on me. I told her that was cries of relief and t keep it up!

    I know I can handle the Primary but I am not sure about the next General election. Will see when we get closer.

    This election was super important to turn over as many as possible. And to be in the cat bird seat to redraw the voting areas.

    Will be watching that closely. If you have a Republican representing you in your area, contact them ant tell them to vote for the strongest Conservative to replace the RINO Straus.



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