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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I will admit that I'm fairly new to politics, well somewhat new. For example, I know about the governor's race, and I am learning about my local representatives. I was in the process of finding out who else is going to be on the ballot come November. A few days ago, I was working at the Country Store, it's a very small store in the middle of our small community. A gentleman walked in, someone I didn't know, that is somewhat rare, I know or at least have seen most everyone who lives in my community, there aren't that many. He introduced himself Marc Wetzel, he is running for the school board in my county and wanted to meet the various people in the community and ask for their vote. I invited him to sit down and have a chat. This is a first for me, I have never had someone running for any office come to me and ask me in person for my vote. We had a nice chat, I enjoyed talking to him and will most likely vote for him, unless something drastic comes up to make me change my mind.

Other than our nice chat, I got something very valuable from him, something that will save me so much time, before he left, he was getting more cards out of his truck, he mentioned that he had a sample ballot, and it had all the names of everyone running for office that we will be voting on. I asked him if I could have that copy, turns out that he had 2 and was willing to part with one, SCORE!

Now I am armed with the names of all the candidates that I can vote for, unfortunately several of them are running uncontested and they are dems, oh well, can't have everything.

I watched a Stossel show this evening, he was talking about voting with no knowledge of who you are voting for and what affects that has, Stossel is of the opinion that one should vote AFTER learning about who the candidates are and learning about politics, the Constitution and how it affects our lives. Stossel is a Libertarian and wants smaller government, no matter who is in charge. He doesn't want people going out to vote who have little or no knowledge of who they are voting for. It was an interesting show. I am doing my part Stossel!

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