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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oops and Israel

Oops, I just realized that a message was posted that I didn't want posted yet, if you had read it, understand that I meant everything I wrote, but it was not a finished thought or post, instead of making it a draft (as I should have), I put in a future publishing date and I meant to come back to it before now and finish it.

Now to write something meaningful, I have to say that I am very disappointed in our president for what he said about Israel, the part about changing the borders, that is WRONG WRONG WRONG, I am deeply ashamed that our leader has taken that position, if he thought it, that's one thing, his opinion, BUT to state it as fact, to say it SHOULD be that way, to state that in an official way is wrong.

To the people of Israel, please understand that is not the feelings or opinions of the citizens of the USA at large, while there are some who anti-Jew and/or anti-Israel, that does not represent the majority, the Christians and the conservatives. I am saddened and a little afraid of what may happen to the USA now that our official stance seems to be against Israel now, one of the reasons we were a blessed nation is because we backed Israel as an ally. I'll keep praying.

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