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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's About Time!

I finally got to see this video, I'd been hearing about it for days, I love the fact that this successful, black woman stood up and said what was on her mind to Obama, I only wish more people could and would do this. You will note that I said black instead of the PC moniker "African-American", not ALL people of color come from Africa, and quite frankly even if they did, how long does one continue to hyphenate the country of origin, how many generations have to pass before they are just plain Americans? My family background is diverse, from many countries, should I be saying "English Irish German-Dutch Comanche Apache American? No, how silly would that be? I am an American, born in the USA.

and in fairness, here is Obama's reply:

Town Hall Questioner To Obama: I'm Exhausted Of Defending You.

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