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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stop Big Bro From Killing Small Farms

If you have a blog, pass this around, let's get this out!

Bad eggs AND a Fake "Food Safety"
Bill a coincidence? We don't think so!

Senate Bill S.510 is called 'The Food Safety Bill'. It should be called 'The Food Monopoly Bill'. You see it will require all farms to purchase and use high-tech equipment that family farms and organic farms cannot afford and do not need. It will put these farms out of business. This is shameful because the bad food occasionally produced in this country does not come from these little farms- it comes from Big Agribiz and they already HAVE the hi-tech equipment required by this law. It seems the equipment hasn't improved the food they produce, and they don't like competition from responsible farmers - they prefer a Bill that hands them a monopoly over food production by destroying that competition. Further, this Bill is written in such an open-ended way, that if the Feds choose to, they can use it to stop you from having a home garden.

Also-- the Feds are handing food distribution in this country over to Homeland Security. That means that food may be scarce in one part of the country, and plentiful in another, according to "politics". Of course, if family and organic farms are wiped out, the food they move around will be largely processed and not very good, anyway. But it will be all that is available.

How to stop this travesty?? Click below to send a message to your Senators that you are aware of the Food Safety Scam and you don't want the Feds in your
kitchen. Further - consider taking off the white gloves and calling both of your Senators' offices and insist on knowing their positions on this Bill and let them know that you are against it -- and furious that it is even being considered! Make sure your friends and family are aware of this Bill - the media will be touting it as a wonderful advancement- but they work for the same masters who own Congress. So spread the word and click below to make sure a letter from you gets to Washington. Your family's health depends on it!

Bad eggs AND a Fake "Food Safety" Bill a coincidence? We don't think so!
Take Action Here NOW! -


  1. Actually, this Rima lady isn't exactly spot on with her facts. Her organization is headed by a guy who says he can walk through walls and who tried to build a super-soldier who was invisible. He's one of the people that movie The Men Who Stare At Goats was based on..

  2. Michael, I could care less if the organization was headed by a monkey, (no offense toward monkeys), we don't need more controls on farmers and food, we need less, lots less. "They" are doing this for "the good of the people", when in fact it is just one more chain being placed around our necks, how many chains are you willing to wear?


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