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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Is SICK-Bill Requiring Children to State Their Sexual Orientation

Want to hear something really sick??? There is a congresswoman, Tammy Baldwin, she is openly gay, perhaps that is why she thinks it's a great idea to make is mandatory to ask anyone seeking any sort of social services (food stamps...) about their sexual identity, if they are straight, gay, lesbian, transsexual...  oh, they are only "collecting" data. And it doesn't stop there, this is not only for adults to have to answer, this includes CHILDREN!!! This bill is so slimy that Democraps are slipping out the back door when this bill comes up for discussion instead of just voting NO.

What kind of lowlife thinks it's a good idea to ask CHILDREN about their sexual preferences? Maybe Baldwin gets her kicks from this sort of thing (my opinion), I just don't know. I do know this, thank GOD I don't have children (any more) to have to go through this sort of humiliation, no it wouldn't be a humiliation, it would be a major unpleasant scene if someone tried to ask a child of mine about their sexual orientation. Perhaps this Baldwin is proud of her sexual orientation, but not everyone is going to be interested in being forthcoming about their sexual preferences, especially if this information is going to go on to a government document, to go into data storage, what business is it of theirs anyhow? It's NOT, it's NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS who you are attracted to, and it's certainly not appropriate for them to ask this of children!

It's difficult to tell, I think this bill is dead, for now, I could be wrong though, you know how difficult it is to find out any reliable information on these sorts of things, that way they can keep the rest of us in the dark. I went to Tammy Baldwin's website and tried to contact her to let her know what I thought of this bill, it turns out that she will not even allow you to email her from her site unless you are one of her constituents, so I entered the information required to allow my email to go through, it will not take a rocket scientist to figure out that I'm not in her voting circle, BUT that didn't stop me from sending my thoughts anyhow.

Here are the links to the story I have found so far,

If you live in district 2 in Wisconsin, write to Baldwin, let her know what you think of this, if you don't live there, I'd say to write her anyhow, you can put down any street address, make one up, use zip code 53703-3219 and town Madison. Go here to write to Baldwin

Be sure to write to your representatives and let them know what you think of this bill, it stinks, it's slimy, it's unethical! Use this to find your representatives:

Please pass this around, copy it to your blog, let's put a stop to this sort of nonsense! I have nothing against anyone wanting to live an alternative lifestyle, I have known many gay, lesbian and even transgendered people, they have been neighbors, friends, co-workers, I had and have no problems with them, I don't push my lifestyle choices on them and they don't push their lifestyle choices on me, everyone is happy. Until someone like Baldwin comes along and thinks that we need to do ridiculous things like this, please give me a break! Let's put a stop to Baldwin.

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